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To the @utoSOFT© Web site. We are a small technology company specializing in Service Automation, Mobile and Social Networking and Educational Software. We are a Microsoft .Net shop that also implements HTML5\JavaScript and Mono Linux applications.

Our developers are certified and have experience in test, business analysis and deployments so you can be sure that you get a robust maintainable solution so  your business can go to to the next level, whether you're in the medical, pharma-ceuticals, finance or even software development industries.

Latest Technology

We are currently deploying and developing several .Net 4 applications for both the desktop and web, mobile and local platforms including the Cloud.

Proven Techniques

  • Our developers come froma wide range of industries and backgrounds but all possess various industry certifications and many have published articles involving Best Practices and SOA Design.
  • Using these techniques we can considerably lower timie-to-market and raise security and scalability so our products will grow with your business.
  • This flexibility also allows us to give you the products you need not canned packages that have to be massaged to fit.
  • We work directly with your stakeholders to understand your needs as well as you do so you rest assured that we give you exactly what you need.

Standard Tools

Rather than rely on clever solutions, we strive to use industry standard tools and techniques in order to make yoru transition easier and even more so make your overall experience and efficiency something you can be proud of.
As a Microsoft Solutions Developer, we do our best o maintain parity with the latest MS techologies, including:

  • Microsoft© Azure

  • Microsft© SQL Azure

  • Microsft© Silverlight

  • Microsoft© WPF

  • Microsoft© MVVM1

  • Microsoft© Entity Framework™ 2

  • Microsoft© WCF Services™ 3

  • Novell© Mono

  • W3C© HTML5\CSS3

By starting with standard tools, we can ensure that you can get your software supported by even junior developers. Since we don't try to write a certain number of lines of code, we can bring enterprise level applications and services in with smaller code bases and less complexity, so you can sleep at night knowing that your business is safe and secure. 

1, 2, 3 : Using these three standard technologies, we have developed a ground-breaking paradigm called Object Messages. These hierarchical class based objects can be inserted anywhere you need to access Remote Databases or Web Services.

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