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Digital Independence

Free Your Business From Costly Paper

  • Do Your Employees Sift Through Reams of Paper While Trying To Remember Disposal Rules?

    • We will thoroughly review your forms and system to determine how best to automate them
    • We can give you a choice of applications from MS Office to Secure Web
    • And our process can take as little as a few weeks to fully automate your paperwork
  • Are Processing Costs Preventing You From Expanding?

    • We can examine your cost structure to locate opportunities to lower them
    • Our economic analysis takes into account your WHOLE system to avoid over-designing
    • Our analysis will not limit you to our services, we may recommend a partner to assist

Eliminate Bottlenecks In Your Data Processing

  • Are Your Reports or Forms Slowing Down Your Business?

    • Experienced SQL designers and developers will review all your report and repository code
    • Coordination with experienced web developers allows true optimization of your code base
  • Do You Deal with Customer Complaints More Than Customer Sales?

    • Our world class team will help your teams ensure that your code paths are efficient and scalable
    • We will optimize and secure all of your forms whether TypeScript, jQuery, Node.js or
  • Are You Concerned About Regulations Like HIPAA Or PCI?

    • Your regulatory requirements will be a breeze with our world class security and privacy features
    • Your digital presence will be compliant from site to API to storage, in multipe supported environments
  • Do You Want To "Mobile-"ize Your Workers?

    • Mobile is the new frontier for business but security and privacy are paramount in the connected world
    • We will work with you to determine the best way to use your mobile workforce, whether iPhone, Android or cloud services
    • And our mobile services follow the same security rules enabling 2 or even 3 factor authentication keeping your business safe

Protect Your Web Presence From Threats To Your Data

  • Do You Fret Over Hacking Hurting Business?

    • Hackers can do many malicious things but we will help you keep your data safe from the desktop to the tablet to the laptop
    • Using OWASP-approved solutions, our team can present you with security features to make you sleep better at night
    • Best of all our security services are not an "add-on" but are integrated into all APIs and solutions we deploy for you
  • Does Your Web Site Collect User Information?

    • User information is how you do business and engage with your customers but the most devoted will be leery using exploited services
    • Our exclusive technology enables you to safely process user information using web-standard transaction services
  • Do You Do ECommerce On Your Web Site?

    • To save credit cards or to not save them. We can help you answer that question
    • We can help you to secure your persistent storage
  • Is HTTPS All You Need?

    • SSL with TLS are the first line of defense but shouldn't be the last. Other types of encryption are required with GPUs and brute force attacks

  • How Much JavaScript Is Too Much?

    • JavaScript and its variants do provide a desktop-like experience but they also open your code up to the browser. Care must be taken to stay safe.
    • We will examine all of your client-side code to determine where any security issues may be lurking and offer server-side fixes - Node.js to ASP.Net


  • Form Digitization

  • Code Optimization

  • Security Reviews

  • Platform Management

  • Performance Scaling

  • Compliance Management

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