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Welcome to the AutoSOFT LLC Services Portal

Like our custom software we can work with you to improve your tools, processes and platforms. From Dynamics CRM to Active Directory\Exchange to ASP.Net MVC and Node.js we can analyze your systems and offer you solutions and suggestions to make your system more efficient and secure. We can also review your storage systems such as; MS SQL Sever, Azure Storage, MongoDB or MySQL for bottlenecks or configuration issues.
We specialize in services for small businesses to help keep costs down and productivity up, so contact us to see how we can help you achieve your digital goals.


Stack Analysis

  • Security Reviews - we will review all of your inputs and outputs to ensure you are applying security according to industry standard policies.

  • Performance Analysis - we will analyze your code bases to determine where you can gain efficiency and\or lower complexity to help lower your need for additional resources.

  • Digital Consultation - We will review and make recommendations on how to proceed to most efficiently and inexpensively upgrade your systems.


Hosting Analysis

  • Cloud or Local - we can help you see how best to monetize your infrastructure and increase your ROI
  • Cloud Deployments - if your systems can be more efficiently hosted in the Cloud we will work with you to deploy relevant systems
  • Local\ISP Deployments - we can review your current ISP and make recommendations to enable more flexibility for your digital deployments


Architecture Analysis

  • Whether using MVC, WebAPI, NodeJS or any other Web platform, your digital presence won't be affected by the architecture and platform.
  • And as with our software analysis we will review your systems throughly and make recommendations.
  • And we won't lock you into our services. We will recommend a partner or other consulting firm if your needs require.

So when you are ready to see how you can increase your efficiency and lower your costs call us at 1-818-616-2289, fax us at 1-213-403-4143 or send us an email to see how we can help.

And don't forget to bookmark our Downloads Page for all the tools and downloads we use internally.