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Ultimate Flexibility

Client Side or Server Side?

  • Whether you're using ASP, ColdFusion, JavaScript frameworks or Microsoft ASP.Net

    • We can update your current code base or migrate your code to a custom C#\ECMA7 platform which will run on any OS or web host.
    • We can even create a hybrid API that allows you to maintain your current code base while enabling platform-agnostic APIs and interfaces.
    • We can help you identify and shore up security issues based on the OWASP Top 10 and other certification processes.
  • For Web API we have a comprehensive suite of tools

    • Rather than expanding your presence with stand alone web sites and applications, we can help you provide a consistent Domain Model for all processes.
    • This enables newer technologies such as Azure, AWS, ASPNET Core and even PWA for "near-native" mobile applications on any platform.
    • These new technologies also all use common data models such as JSON, BSON, ODATA which can easily update your local domain models for ore flexibility.

Self-Host, ISP or Cloud?

  • For small companies with limited reach Self Hosting can save money!

    • With modern servers with up to 32 cores per socket, we can help you virtualize your environment using the same tools and platforms as ISPs and Cloud.
    • With industry standard tools we can secure your internal IP and allow to safely share it with your customers and partners.
    • And combined with our Infrastructure services, we can assure smooth operation with little maintenance required.
  • For companies with growth targets sometimes ISPs are the better choice!

    • Many ISPs offer favorable prices for larger hosting necessities including higher bandwidth connections and fault tolerance.
    • Building and deploying to most ISPs is as simple copying vis SFTP (Secure FTP) so you can host with confidence using our industry standard security.
    • Many large scale ISPs even offer isolated instances so you can have an additional layer of security from other hosted services.
  • If your business operates in multiple geographic regions Cloud is for you!

    • Cloud providers offer the same level of support as ISPs while having more flexible support and usage pricing.
    • If you have high usage during certain periods, you can pay only for that additional time rather than paying a higher fee for all usage scenarios.
    • Cloud providers also allow for hybrid deployments for data only or for applications or any combination of the two.


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  • Web Site Analysis

  • Client Security

  • Server Security

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