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Welcome, Prospective Partner

With the hustle and bustle of today's "Always Connected" lifestyle providing a dynamic view of news and information content is paramount.

After many years of research into Social Networking and Interactive News Content, @UtoSOFT is proud to offer you the AutoZine v1.5. A new paradigm for connecting with your audience, friends and business partners.

Using our exclusive MSC (Model, Services, Controller) techniques we provide you with a highly customizable, secure and scalable system for keeping in touch with people and keeping them in touch with you.

Combining the best of sites like WordPress, Blogger we offer you the freedom to update your site using anything from your iPhone to a full-blown 4 monitor setup. By using Dynamic templates, you can easily update story rank, page location and even access levels. This is important in the Web 2.0 world as many other sites are in competition for reader time. Studies show that the more your site is updated, the more time readers will spend on it.

We also enable seamless integration with the most popular networking sites so that you can update your status across your entire “On-line Brand.”

AutoZINEs do more than just display static pages, but enable content providers to customize for scenarios ranging from teaching to streaming video and audio. And so that your users find value in your content ZINEs enable full interactivity with commenting and even the ability to create and distribute their own useful content to other users of the ZINE. Each ZINE can also have defined EDITIONs by week or daily or even multiple times during the day, enabling you to move content from one edition to the other while maintaining preference for newer content.

ZINEs also allow different levels of usage for different users enabling you to charge for premium content while giving users the ability to preview all the features available including full archive search, unlimited content views, Forum and Event creation and even customizable feeds for phones and tablets or in their User Portal. As a branding initiative we recommend $10 per year pricing with discounts for referrals of $.50 per referral, though some content may be worth more. This level of pricing means the ZINE pays for itself with a minimum of 200 paid users, allowing you to concentrate on content rather than marketing. We are working on deals with various online presences to present "Daily Deals" based on relation to content or content areas. But rather than inundate users with ads or external content we restrict these elements to their own area, so users at ease with using those areas.

So take a test drive and find out if AutoZINEs are for you. We're sure that once you experience an AutoZINE, it will be your web of choice for news and information.

Features in this Product Release:
  • Full SSL Security
  • Multiple User Content
  • Phone UI (all OS’)
  • PayPal\VISA Integration
  • Database-Driven
  • Works with all browsers
  • Free and Pay Options
  • RSS Feeds
  • Interactive Commenting
  • Content Importing
  • Custom Branding
  • Lifetime Upgrades


  • Free or Paid Logins
  • Full Yearly Support
  • News Feeds
  • Advertising Based
  • Interactive News
  • Secure Visa Store
  • Streaming Video


  • Simple News - $1000

  • Blog - $1000

  • Corporate Zine - $2000

  • Non-Profit Zine - $2000

  • Crowd Zine - $2000

Simple News

Web Site: $1000 1, 7
Database: $100 2
Full Support: Free 3
Upgrades: Free 4


Web Site: $1000 1, 7
Database: $100 2
Full Support: Free 3
Upgrades: Free 4

News Zine

Web Site: $2000 1, 7
Database: $100 2
Full Support: Free 3
Upgrades: Free 4

Non Profit

Web Site: $2000 1, 7
Database: $100 2
Full Support: Free 3
Upgrades: Free 4


Web Site: $2000 1, 7
Database: $500 2
Full Support: Free 3
Upgrades: Free 4

Crowd Funded

Web Site: $2000 1, 7
Database: $100 2
Full Support: 3
Upgrades: 4


  1. Includes any transfer of existing data, custom headers and colors.
  2. Base price for all data storage and bandwidth, add $5\month per GB bandwidth.
  3. SLA support for all issues and suggestions
  4. We will provide upgrades yearly to keep up with the latest security updates and new features
  5. Allows copy of source code, changes must be approved. Support costs apply for changes.
  6. Allows client to host the DB locally, eliminates data charges but requires firewall and/or VPN access
  7. Non-Profits can either pay the requisite prices and fees or enter into a profit-sharing agreement. Contact

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