From The Cloud To You

About AutoSOFT

We are a cutting edge software and consulting firm formed to create products and refine services that make people more efficient and even smarter.


We want to establish the usefulness of software in our increasingly connected world and to take advantage of its ability to instruct, entertain, inspire and inform.


  • We focus on the availability and usability of software and the Internet to deliver a timely product with little fuss.
  • We operate a majority of our services in the Cloud using Cloud-Connected Desktop or Intranet applications to offer a seamless view of your organ-ization regardless of scale or limitations.
  • By leveraging the power of SmartPhones and mobile devices our platforms become available anywhere securely and efficiently.


  • The input of our customers is the main focus at AutoSOFT©. We spend countless hours reviewing successful and unsuccessful deployments to give you the power to define your objectives in software.
  • We believe the satisfaction of our employees is the key to our success and fully embrace the VPN Paradigm to enable flexibility in location and logis-tics.
  • More than ever, the dangers to your data require a thorough approach to addressing the myriad pitfalls for your employees as they do your business. We build our software from the Security Layer out enabling Custom Data Stores and User Interfaces that enable Desktop Virtualization, HTML5\ASP.Net and Silverlight\WPF deployments.


@utoSOFT was founded by Christian M. Howell, an ex-Microsoft and Accenture developer with over 15 years of experience in the Windows\.Net Platform. After multiple successful deployments for companies such as Accenture, BristolMyers, Pfizer and NYC's IT Dept. several ideas about development architecture and security led him to create @utoSOFT, a company devoted to maintaining the highest standards in application development.